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The Association is attempting to complete a roster of those people who staffed the WQH Lighthouse before it was automated by the U.S. Coast Guard in 1988.  Can you fill in any of the blanks?  Do you have information to add to the list below?

Are any members of your family related to any of the men listed below? Please Contact Us and / or send any information, photos or memorabilia leading to the accurate completion of this data.

Thomas Dexter 1808-13

Peter Godfrey* 1813-39 

Alfred Godfrey (Peter's son) 1839-42

Ebenezer Wormell 1840s-50s?

David Joy (assistant) c.1850s

William Coggins ? - 1856

William Godfrey 1856-60

Albert H. Godfrey (assistant) 1857-61

Richard Richardson 1860-61

Loring A. Leavitt (assistant) 1861-67

George A. Case 1861-77

Lowell Chase (assistant) 1867-78

Daniel Thayer 1877-79

Joseph Huckins (assistant) 1878-80

Henry M. Godfrey 1879-82

Garrison Crowell (assistant) 1880-82

William Fanning 1882-86

Walter B. Mowry (assistant) 1882-86

Alvin Eldrige (assistant) 1886-87

John Connors 1886-90

Henry M. Godfrey (assistant) 1887-89

George W. Sabin (assistant) 1889-90

John W. Guptill 1890-99

Irwin Young 1890-93

Edward L. Horn (assistant) 1893-95

Edwin L. Eaton (assistant) 1895-1900

Leonard Foster 1897+/-

Fred M. Robbins (assistant) 1900-1901

Ralph Temple Crowley 1900-15?

Warren A. Murch 1899-05

Ephraim N. Johnson (asst) 1901-05

Ephraim N. Johnson (head) 1905-31

Herbert Robinson (assistant) 1905-07

Eugene C. Ingalls (assistant 1907-12

Jerome C. Brawn (assistant) 1912-20

Leo Allen (assistant) 1912-?

Ralph Temple Crowley (asst) ?-1915?

Arthur Robie Marston (asst) 1920s

Earle Ashby c. 1939-? Eugene N. Larrabee c. 1930-40

Robert Howard Gray** 1934-1952

Sanford Colson ca. 1948-52

**The U.S. Coast Guard absorbed the Light House Service in 1939. "Bob" Gray was thus both the last Lighthouse Service keeper and the first Coast Guard keeper.

All subsequent individuals at West Quoddy Light Station were Coast Guard personnel:

Nelson Geel ?

Frank Mitchell ?

Almon Mitchell ?

Robert W. Brooks Early 50s

Hoyt W. Cheney ca.1949-52

Don Ashby 1953-56

James Lewis ?

Nolan Snipes 7/1/48 - 4/5/50 and 6/5/56 - 8/13/57

Alexander Snedden 1949-52

Richard Kelley ?

Eugene Larrabee


Howard Russel Bob Gray

Ephraim "Effie" Nelson Johnson

George "Bubba" Eaton


Patrick Stevens 1957 - 1960

Vern Ryan BM3 1956-57

Paul Kessler EN1 1956

Leon Chiappini 1958-60

Danny G. Reid 1960

Jerry Preston Thomas 1958-62

John W. Willmott (engineer) 1959-61

David Hardman EN2 1960-61 (plus briefly 1956)

Russell Reilly BM1 1960-61

Howard Johnson SN 1960-61

Lamont VanWezemaal (relief) 1961-62

Stephen H. Rogers Dec '63

Bruce Keene 1962-64

John Wiley Grandey II 1963-64

Clayton L. Coffin June 1964 -

George Staples 1964-65

Robert Bran 1964-65 Richard Copeland 1965

Richard Copeland 1965

Clayton L. Coffin 1966-68

Thomas Keene 1967

Robert Brann, Jr. 1966-67

Reuben Bryer 1968-69

Richard "Gary" Craig 1968-69

Clarence Fenton EN 3. 1970 - 71

David Pratt SN 2. 1970 - 71

David Melochick En 2. 1970 - 71

Clifton Scofield 1974-78

Robert Marston 1975

George "Bubba" Eaton 1978-82

Paul Latour 1980-81

Owen Gould 1982-84

John Richardson 1984-86

Malcolm "Mac" Rouse 1986 to 1988

West Quoddy Lighthouse automated 1988

Thanks for all those who have contributed to this listing. Special thanks to Jeremy d'Entremont http://www.lighthouse.cc for permission to reproduce his extensively-researched list.

*British troops occupied Eastport, Maine, across Cobscook Bay, for a period during the War of 1812. History suggests that a British Commandant claimed control of West Quoddy Light Station during 1815.


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